The Top 10 Diesel Generator In the World

2019-11-19 17:49:48


 The Top 10 Diesel Generator In The World.

Many people always wanna buy diesel generator sets at good price, but they ignore The importance of the diesel generator brand. The diesel generator brand determines the quality of the generator set. The life of a machine can often determine the boss’s earning-money ability. the better brand, the higher price with longer life-time. The following are the top 10 brands in the generator rental industry.

 Top 1 Cummins

Cummins is the first engine joint venture in China since 1981 with the largest number of companies, and the largest number of employees in China over 38 years. Cummins is a world-renowned independent internal combustion engine manufacturer. Its high- reliability has been trusted by Chinese users, and not- high -price and most repair parts are easily available. Which is the main reason for Cummins to be the most popular top 1 brand in the generator industry. There are 19 cummins joint-ventures in China. ( DFM Cummins B serial 3.9L, 4.5L, 5.9L,6.7L,8.3L,8.9L and 13L, ISZ13, 11Litre, 14 Litre, 19 Litre, 38Litre, 50Litre ( 175HP-2000HP), ISM11, QSM11 ( 10.8Litre, 250-440HP). Fonton ( ISF2.8 Litre, ISF 3.8 Litre). 9.3 Litre and 7 Litre application for construction etc.

Top 2: Perkins

Perkins was one of the first companies in the world to produce engine in 1932. The diesel and natural gas fueled engines were widely promoted and applicated in various industries due to their economy, reliability and durability.The Perkins engine has a compact structure, high reliability and nice appearance. Generator sets exported from China, Perkins products occupy a very large market share. The power generation of the world-renowned generator set manufacturer Weirson almost exclusively for Perkins. Where there is Perkins products, there is hot sale. 

 Top 3: Caterpillar

CATERPILLAR is the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery and the world's leading supplier of high quality diesel generator sets and natural gas generator sets. The productivity and durability of CAT engines have been tested for a long time and the quality of CAT has been recognized as the top one in the world. Caterpillar has been designing and manufacturing engines since 1931 and started generating generator sets in 1939, accumulating over 80 years of design and production experience, over the years, Caterpillar has invested a lot in the design and development of equipment, making CAT products continue to jump in quality and performance. Caterpillar Diesel Generators is the only one to design, manufacture, test and guarantee the engine, generator, control system and all components in the industry.It is the world's highest quality generator set.


Top 4: Doosan

Established in 1973, Daewoo General Machinery was originally called Korea Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Since then, it has been the leading company in the development of the Korean machinery industry. Through continuous technology and quality reform, they have enhanced their product competitiveness and strengthened world-class heavy industry. The status of the company. In 1975, the largest engine manufacturing plant in Asia was built and the engine was produced. The company signed a series of technical agreements with Germany's Man and Japan's Isuzu to produce a full range of engines for domestic and foreign users. The company's products are based on strict and standardized quality assurance system. It has passed various international certifications such as ISO9000 and ISO14000, and provides the world's highest level of products and services in the fields of heavy construction equipment, industrial vehicles, machine tools and auto systems. Doosan Group of Korea acquired a 51% stake in Daewoo Heavy Industries (Daewoo General Machinery Co., Ltd.) and renamed it Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd. Doosan (Daewoo) has a large user in China. Due to its relatively high performance and world-class quality, it is well rewarded by Chinese generator industry users.

 Top 5 Volvo

A multinational giant enterprise with a history of more than 120 years, a Swedish top 500 brands in the world, specializing in the manufacture of heavy machinery, trucks, cars and ships. From the production of the first heavy-duty trucks to the rich cars of one of the world's three luxury cars, from the 100,000-ton ship to the world-famous Volvo-PENTA diesel engine, the VOLVO-PENTA is everywhere and is the world's best power engine, has become synonymous with the world's top diesel engines. Its high performance index, high reliability, environmental protection, low-noise, easy-installation, and good altitude adaptability are highly regarded in the industry.

 Top 6 MTU

MTU is the diesel engine propulsion system division of Daimler-Benz, the world's leading heavy-duty diesel engine manufacturing company, whose products are widely used in military vehicles, railway vehicles, marine vessels and long-distance power stations. The predecessor of MTU developed the first high-speed internal combustion engine in 1883. In 1901, the world famous Mercedes car was designed and manufactured. Since 1909, the manufacture of aircraft engines has shifted to the production of heavy-duty diesel engines. Production of high performance diesel engines began in 1923. MTU's main products are now heavy-duty diesel engines (single-unit power 35 to 7400 kW), gas turbine engines, engine electronic management systems and electronic monitoring systems and heavy-duty transmissions. In early 1997, MTU introduced the best products to the market: the 2000 series and the 4000 series engines. In order to seize the high-speed and high-power generator set market in China, MTU has almost no competitors in the 2000-4000kw power segment. Almost all key projects such as the Bird's Nest in the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games use MTU series generator sets. Most of the data center backup power supplies now use MTU series generator sets.


 Top 7 Deutz

Headquartered in Cologne, the Rhine River of Germany, Deutz was founded in 1864 by the inventor of the four-stroke engine Otto. The company currently has four engine plants in Germany and 17 licensed production plants and cooperatives around the world. Deutz is famous for its air-cooled diesel engines. In 1985, Deutz and Man become the current Deutz Group company. Deutz has seven engine license production plants in China and many more. joint venture companies, Deutz diesel engine is used in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, compressors, generator sets and ships.

 Top 8 Man

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Mann's business is mainly in the five major areas of commercial vehicles, industrial services, printing systems, diesel engines and turbines. MAN B&W Diesel is a German company that produces diesel engines in Germany, Denmark, the UK and France. The products are mainly used in two-stroke marine main engines and four-stroke diesel engines such as ships, power plants and railways. The main components used in the generator set are the D28 series (D2866, D2876, D2848, D2840 and D2842) engines and the D08 series small 6-cylinder engines. The diesel engine power coverage range is 166-718KW

Top 9 Mitsubishi

Established in 1917, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has continuously developed and created various types of diesel engines with capacities ranging from 0.5 hp to 56.400 hp to meet customers' general and professional uses. "I believe tomorrow" is the corporate spirit of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Based on the company's advanced technology, improve the lives of all people. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' diesel engine is represented by the advanced technology of the times like Mitsubishi Aerospace Science and Technology, Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Technology, and Mitsubishi Military Equipment. Its excellent quality gains users' trust.

Top 10: Kubota

The Kubota Group was founded in 1890 and has a history of more than 120 years. In the low-power generator set market, Kubota plays a very important  role because of its compact structure, economical fuel economy and high reliability. Kubota generator sets are widely used in enterprises, small factories and home areas. Most of the portable mobile lighting beacon units are also powered by Kubota. In the generator rental industry, Kubota generator sets are also welcomed by industry professionals.